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Midnight Blue Cocktail

Buckeye Vodka Recipe

After midnight, we're gonna let it all glow!


1 serving

prep time



• 3 oz Butterfly Pea-Infused Buckeye Vodka

• Tonic water ice cubes

• 1.5 oz Ginger simple syrup

• 3 oz Lime juice

• Tonic water


Infuse 3 oz. Buckeye Vodka in a mason jar with 3-5 dried butterfly pea flowers. Let sit overnight, then strain out the flowers. The vodka becomes a rich color and is ready to be used.

Cocktail: Freeze tonic water into ice cubes. Pour ginger syrup, lime juice, and infused vodka over tonic water ice cubes and stir. Top off with tonic water. This cocktail glows under blacklight!

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