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How Buckeye Vodka is Made


the best grain in the world

We start with the best! The corn grown on the farms of Ohio and in The Great Midwest is better than any other place on earth. The superiority of our grain gives Buckeye Vodka its pleasing aroma and superb taste because it is made from corn.

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Buckeye Vodka is gluten-free

superior water

We not only distill the vodka - we distill the water that goes into it! 80 proof vodka is 60% water! The purity of the water used to make our vodka is critical to its quality.

Our water source, The Crystal Water Company, has supplied the Miami Valley a better water option since 1919. Using this extremely high grade distilled water in our blending process makes Buckeye Vodka a clean, smooth and consistent experience every time.

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old world craftsmanship

Each small batch of Buckeye Vodka is carefully handcrafted by the owners of the company. We test and compare each filtration against the leading national brands, and we don’t stop until ours is the smoothest. This personal attention to detail ensures that every bottle of Buckeye Vodka is just as good as the last.


Our Unique Process


Vodka Distillery Column-Still

Our high tech state-of-the-art 20-foot column still was custom made for Buckeye Vodka. Our continuous distillation process eliminates impurities which are responsible for the harshness found in lesser quality vodkas.


Once we eliminate the impurities through our distillation process, we ensure no new impurities are introduced by blending it with distilled water. Distilled water is a very expensive option and for that reason, one that our competition wouldn’t consider.

charcoal filtered

Buckeye Vodka is charcoal-filtered with activated carbon. This process further purifies our finished product, leading to a smooth, refreshing drink that we'd proudly compare to any other vodka on the market.


Buckeye Vodka's Awards

taste our success

Beverage Tasting Institute

the beverage tasting institute

92 - Exceptional - Gold

Best Buy Award - Prices & Value

buckeye vodka awards

the fifty best in new york city


buckeye vodka awards

new york international spirits

Silver Winner

Ohio Distillery of the Year


san francisco world spirits competition



Hear from One of Our Founders

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