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Apple Cider Old Fashioned

Buckeye Vodka Recipe

A fun, fall turn on the classic Old Fashioned... an Apple Cider Old Fashioned!


1 serving

prep time

3 minutes


• 2 oz Buckeye Vodka

• 1 oz Calvados (or any apple brandy)

• 0.25 oz Mulled Syrup • 0.25 oz Apple Cider

• 4 Dashes Orange Bitters

• Orange Peel


Mulled syrup is made by combining 1 part water, 1 part sugar, and mulling spices.

Mix all liquid ingredients in a glass. Add one large ice cube and stir drink. Garnish by taking the fresh orange peel and rim the glass with the oils. Drop the orange peel into the drink, and enjoy.

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