What Makes Buckeye Vodka the Spirit of Ohio?

It’s Local

Great vodka doesn’t have to be imported anymore.  Buckeye Vodka is crafted by hand, here in Ohio’s beautiful Miami Valley. We’re Ohioans through-and-through, working to create jobs, support the local economy and keep our valued resources where they belong – right here in our great state.

It’s the Water:

We Not Only Distill Our Vodka, We Distill the Water that Goes Into It!

80 proof vodka is 60% water, and therefore the quality and purity of the water used to make any vodka is tantamount to its quality. Our source, The Crystal Water Company, has supplied the Miami Valley a better water option since 1919. The water in our formula is softened four times and processed through activated carbon BEFORE it is distilled. We will happily match the purity of the water we use in Buckeye Vodka against any competitor, regardless of the price.

It’s the Grain

The United States is recognized around the globe as the “bread basket of the world.” That’s because the grain grown on the farms of Ohio and in the Midwest is better than any other place on earth. The superiority of our grain gives Buckeye Vodka its pleasing aroma and superb taste. (Buckeye Vodka is gluten-free)


It’s the Cutting Edge Technology

Our high tech state-of-the-art 20 foot column still was custom made for Crystal Spirits and produces our signature brand, Buckeye Vodka.  Buckeye Vodka is distilled 10 times to eliminate the impurities that are commonly found in lesser quality vodkas.  The result of our process is an extremely clean and pure grain spirit that we include in the perfectly crafted and Ultra Premium Buckeye Vodka.

Not only does our still produce a better distillate but it does so using only a fraction of the energy required from the traditional method of distillation.  Please see our Buckeye Green page to see what we are doing to save our planet’s precious resources.

It’s the Old World Craftsmanship

Each small batch of Buckeye Vodka is carefully distilled, blended, filtered and bottled by the owners of the company.  Our personal attention to detail ensures that every bottle of Buckeye Vodka is just as good as the last.

It’s a Remarkable Value

At under $20 for a 750ml bottle, Buckeye Vodka delivers a superior vodka experience at a price in line with Ohioan’s sensibilities. But we think you’ll prefer the ultra-smooth and clean flavor of Buckeye Vodka over your current brand, regardless of the price.



An Award Winning Formula

With a goal of creating the best vodka in Ohio, Team Buckeye chose a superior recipe for success. Our vodka is inspired by an award-winning formulation that has captured the essence of quality and taste in competition after competition.

Combining our unique recipe with the amazing quality of Midwestern grains and the purest of water has yielded a vodka that is simply not to be missed.

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