Enjoy the newest Ohio tradition… Buckeye Vodka

Handcrafted in the Miami Valley, Buckeye Vodka offers extraordinary quality at a reasonable price, a winning combination that reflects Ohio’s sensibilities.

Our vodka, distilled with an award-winning formula in the rolling southwestern hills of Ohio, boasts a clean, smooth taste that makes it perfect for mixing or enjoying by itself.

At Buckeye Vodka, we’re proud of our Ohio heritage, and we hope that you’ll enjoy our vodka as part of your next, great Ohio tradition.

Buckeye Vodka.
Celebrate the Spirit of Ohio.


Critics Agree:

Dayton-based vodka trumps the best-selling brands in taste test

By Mark Fisher | Friday, April 1, 2011, 12:17 PM

If you’re looking for an assertive vodka that announces its presence brashly and leaves a burn in whatever it’s mixed with, Buckeye Vodka is NOT for you. Stick with Absolut ($19.25 for a 750 ml bottle), which matches that flavor profile and which came across as the harshest of four vodkas in this taste test.

Buckeye Vodka ($19.25) is a clean, smooth, very neutral vodka, similar in style to Ketel One ($23). Even Grey Goose ($32-$34) enthusiasts might do themselves a favor — and save themselves some money — by trying their favorite side-by-side with Buckeye Vodka. The results may surprise you. The folks at Dayton-based Crystal Spirits have crafted themselves a winner in Buckeye Vodka, and Miami Valley spirits enthusiasts should not hesitate to try a bottle.

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