Buckeye Green

At Buckeye Vodka, we understand the value of going green.

Our 20-foot column still not only produces wonderful distillate, it is much more energy efficient than a traditional pot still. For the still to function properly, thousands of gallons of cooling water are needed to circulate through heat exchangers and condensers to produce one small batch of Buckeye Vodka. Since this water never comes into contact with the neutral spirits, we built a reclamation system to capture the cooling water, enabling us to use it indefinitely, rather than disposing of it after each distillation.

We incorporate the use of steam as a clean energy, leveraging this efficient option to heat the still during our distillation process.

Whenever possible, we use compressed air instead of electricity as a cleaner option to power pumps, the bottling line and for general maintenance.


Our Commitment to Quality

We handcraft the finest vodka from our micro-distillery using the finest grains and resources for the loyal, value-conscious Ohio consumer.